Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Burgess Project

The Burgess Project
My head's still spinning from our weekend but in a good way. The intensive nature of the project is a bit like taking one of those cold plunges in fancy spas. The tour of Bugess's Manchester was fascinating, I'd worked or played in lots of the neighbourhoods but seeing them as a 'tourist' was strange. I've found an old copy of Clockwork Orange on my shelves - last read it probably 25 years ago - and I'm reading that. I loved it first time round for the language and the futuristic setting as well as the dark subject matter. Now I've finished Andrew Biswell's biography of Burgess - which was really interesting - I've found I have a couple of things in common with Burgess: both our fathers were tobacconists and both of us are lapsed Catholics. And writers of course. So now I'm scribbling fragments of ideas down on bits of paper and browsing the thesaurus and the internet and letting it all mash. And this is my first blog ever.


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