Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Burgess Project

The Burgess Project
Well, a week in and still spinning. Finished the book (Clockwork Orange) - and most of the movie. My DVD R cut the end off but I think I know what happened - although Burgess had two different endings, I think in the movie Alex is reformed. The script seemed very close to the novel and we laughed a lot, too. The violence is shocking - as it should be - but the dark humour is wonderful. I enjoyed the movie much more than I expected to. I knew I'd like the book. I think the most difficult thing for me in it, is the conflation of sex and violence. There's no depiction of sex as a healthy, positive and pleasurable thing - sex equals rape full stop and women are the victims. (I guess that comes from Catholic teachings on the sinfulness of sex but also from puritanism. When Alex is re-programmed lust as well as anger are repressed.

I've been scribbling and thinking and each day when I go walking I find myself trying out different rhymes and rhythms and come home with new possibilities - I'm one of those people you see wandering about mouthing audibly to themselves. I'm spending lots of time with the thesaurus and my dictionary of slang. Am also having a crash course on text message language from my daughter, gr8. The reason for all this will becomes clear at the event in October. I'm enjoying the intensity of working on something pretty exculsively for a short period of time. Much of my work as a writer (novels and tv scripts) takes months or years to complete so this is a novelty. Now there's a nice word.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much of the rape obsession in Clockwork Orange can be viewed as Burgess coming to terms psychologically with the gang rape of his wife by American GIs during the war.

5:04 pm, September 29, 2006  
Blogger the-phone-book Limited said...

This is very true, thanks for your insight, anon. I take it you are a fan of his work?

5:50 pm, September 29, 2006  

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