Saturday, October 21, 2006

When we first devised this project last year we decided we would close the performances by sending out the credits by sms. And then we realised no amount of stacked messages could possibly include everybody!

the-phone-book Limited are Ben Jones (in this project, Performance Director) and Fee Plumley (Executive Producer). This project would not have been possible without the following team of people:

The Production Team
Tech/Stage Manager: Julian Tait
Producer: Eliza Tyrrell
Production Assistant: Emma Persand Carter
DVD Producer: Jamie Kennerley
DVD Assistant: Lucy Donaldson
Animator: Charlie Hopkins
Musical Director and Co-writer of 'Nothing so sweet as a story' soundtrack: Paul Draper
Music and singing on ‘You Blister My Paint’: Steve Cooke
Mobile Content Producer: Dave Marsden
Mobile Content Assistants: Emma Persand Carter & Si Richardson
Vision Mixer: Roger Robinson
Vision Technician: Jim Green
Van Driver: John Daly
Stage Crew: Alec Cook, Arslan Tontor, Roman Panowek, Geoff Lee.
Head Steward: James Garrett
Stewards: Kate Feld, Kate Taylor, Emma Foster, James McGrath, Aowyn Sanderson.
Event Security: Paul Connor
Insurance and equipment: Little Star Productions
Projectors: Redeye
PA equipment: STS Touring
The Burgess Project Logo: Jenny Lomax, Firebaud
Furniture: East Manchester Community Forum

Writer, 'The Poetry in Motionless Tour': Dike Omeje
Writer, 'Guided by Voices': David Gaffney
Writer, ‘The Miraculous Trinity Of Anthony Burgess’s Virginities’ and lyric of ‘You Blister My Paint’: David Bateman
Writer, sms crime scene and lyrics for 'Nothing so sweet as a story': Cath Staincliffe
Writer, 'Lecture on Saint Anthony, Patron Saint Of Lost Things': Jean Sprackland
Rosie: Maria Gabriella Ruban
Enderby and co-writer of 'Nothing so sweet as a story' soundtrack: Chris Sievey
Anthony Burgess: Stewart D Laing
Busker and on-street flyerer: Stuart Hudson
Forensic Investigators: Simon Bates & Nina Gilhooley

St Ann's Church: Elaine Lindsay, Paul Campion, Roger Hill, Ronald Frost
Manchester Transport Museum: Chris Lonergan
Triangle: Michelle Atack
BBC Big Screen: Marie Sleigh & William Jenkyns
Whitworth Museum: Penny Howarth

Manchester Literature Festival
Arts Council England, North West (Literature)
Manchester City Council Events Unit: Mike Parrott, Toby Rathbone & all
MCC Parking: Dave Wilkinson
Titchy Coffee Company (caterers): Claire
Lammarrs: Joel and Ian
PR: Catharine Braithwaite & Shelagh Bourke, Lethal Communications.
IABF: Alan Roughley, Nuria Belastegui
Biographer: Andrew Biswell


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